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The Impact of the Vacation Period on your Contact Center

Do you notice a decrease in call volume when the local sports team is in the playoffs? Does the same thing happen during summer vacation?

The Impact of the Vacation Period on your Contact Center

Changes in Call Volume

Changes in your customers’ habits and priorities during these periods affect the volume of contacts you receive. As with these examples, spring break inevitably generates a fluctuation of contact volumes.

Associating certain dates in your workforce management tool might be useful in planning for these special periods. Thorough analysis of these fluctuations in volume can also provide you with a two – for – one solution with an increase in employee satisfaction when more time off is approved.

Reviewing Forecasts

Remember that vacation period can sometimes spread over two months. You should plan volume and distribution accordingly. If your schedules are already out, it is never too late to review your forecasts.


This year, take the time to analyze your statistics to plan adequately your Customer Contacts Center fluctuation during summer.

Redacted by: Marie-Helene Savard - Senior Director, Customer Experience

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