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Predictive Engagement with Genesys Cloud CX™

A customer journey with predictive engagement

Scroll down to learn more about each step of the customer journey.

1. The customer visits your website

The customer's email and phone number can be collected by Genesys.


2. Genesys tracks their journey

The visitor is categorized in a segment according to his behavior and his attributes.


3. Genesys predicts when and how to engage

According to the visitor's behavior and attributes, Genesys evaluates the probability of certain outcomes. These outcomes can be:

  • Checkout

  • Making a payment

  • Booking an appointment

  • Downloading a paper

  • Making a call


4. Engagement is offered

Genesys continues to analyze the visitor's behavior and predicts how and when to interact with them. Engagement is then offered to the visitor using action maps. These action maps can be triggered by the categorization of the visitor into a particular segment, an outcome score or the visit of a precise URL page.

Engagement can be offered through:


5. An agent is included in the interaction (optionnal)

According to your contact center realtime statistics, Genesys finds an available agent to start a conversation with the visitor before sending them the chat offer. Genesys then collects the visitor's details like their name and email address, for example.


Source: Genesys Predictive Engagement overview, Proactively Engage visitors


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