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about us

Who are we?


At i3vision we believe in helping our customers manage the constant evolution within the customer experience industry.  Managing this introduces a risk which we mitigate by bridging the gap between technology and overall business outcome.  


It is not about when change will affect you or how it will evolve; it’s about the capacity to understand the evolution and use it to improve and optimize processes and technology within the organization.


Canadian Company


More than 10 years of experience


Constantly Growing Team

Our Story


Founded in 2007, i3vision was born to be the benchmark in customer service.  i3vision is a company built of collaborators, visionaries and trendsetters, who look to constantly surpass the everyday norms and believe firmly in bridging the gap between evolving technology and the customer experience.

Constantly growing since its inception, identifying diverse technologies, and developing strategic partnerships, i3vision has carved out a place for itself among the Canadian industry leaders.

Our Management Team

Hugo de Bellefeuille.png

Hugo de Bellefeuille

President & CEO


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Marie-Helene Savard

Senior Director

Customer Experience

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Andrea Smith

Senior Director

Project & Engagement

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Nathan Parker

Senior Director

Operations & Support